Feb 3, 2010

King of the world, plus one fictional moon

"Cameron knows he is hated: every time he opened his mouth at the Golden Globes, the air was sucked from the room as surely as oxygen from the lungs of those on Pandora, where the atmosphere is so noxious as to put you down in on minute and stop your heart in three. He didn’t need to conjur up a new world to let us know he was God. We already knew that. Listen to him when he picks up his Oscar and you will hear a man who’s pulse doesn’t flicker above 80 even while addressing a billion people worldwide. Why should he be scared? Just another filmmaker having a chat with his audience." — from my article about Avatar for The Daily Telegraph


  1. "In China it was a huge hit until the government decided that the film's indictment of predatory property developers hit a little too close to home and pulled it in favour of a biopic of Confucius starring Chow Yun-Fat"

    So how come on Sunday evening (31st Jan) I walked into a cinema at Xu Jia Hui in Shanghai, paid my money, sat in a full house of 99% Chinese people and watched the film? And tonight, a friend is doing the same - asuming he can get a ticket. China has a vast number of 3D capable cinemas in its major cities. No one was going to the 2D version which has gone.

  2. The Chinese Government reversed their decision earlier this week — too late to get into my article, sadly but glad you got to see the movie