Feb 21, 2010

BEST FILM of 2004: Birth (dir. Glazer)

1. Birth A-
2. Million Dollar Baby A-
3. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind B+
4. The Incredibles B+
5. Sideways B+
6. Downfall B+
7. Before Sunset B
8. Vera Drake B
9. Troy B
10. The Life Aquatic B-


  1. No way is Before Sunset lower than Sideways...... no no no!!!

  2. You really liked it, huh? The reason it didn't work so well for me was simple — Uma Thurman. I did not fall in love with Hawke's character the way I did the first film; his charm, his innocence has evaporated utterly. I could see that Delpy's performance was better, more complex — but he seemed merely goatish. Which meant I did not want to see them get together.

  3. I really, really liked it :)
    Well, setting aside your obvious partisanship in the Hawke/Thurman marital saga, I take your point about his, at times, leery quality. I did think it was balanced by enough self deprecation to make his character likeable, and I thought the speech near the end about just being in a relationship with a fellow babysitter, along with his desire to protect the contact with his child at any cost was incredibly resonant and powerful.
    I don't think I was the only married thirty-something year old to walk out of the cinema feeling as though I'd just watched someone talking about my life.
    In fact, check this out: