Feb 19, 2010

Album of the month and second great album of 2010: Gorilla Manor by Local Natives

Finally, a first album I love, from a new band I've never heard, and I'm totally on top of it. Bam. first Day of release. Bam. There I am. Over it like a rash. In there from the beginning. Only to find out that everyone else in the musical blogosphere has been onto them for months. *Sigh* I'm really not cut out for this. I may have to go back to liking just one band again and listening to new music only when it is used in car commercials. It's so much easier. This album is right up there in my affections with Laura Veir's July Flame — 'Who Knows Who Cares', in particular, is transcendent, a lovely song that builds and builds and goes in all sorts of unexpected directions.


  1. I like this version of Airplanes...

  2. You're right, its v good. Who are these people? There are too many good bands at the moment. I only have space in my head for so many!

  3. By the way, I'm totally addicted to the new Hot Chip, One Life Stand. All of it. Best album of '10, so far, I think.