Feb 9, 2010

Reversible Opinion #03

'I said that the battle between Up in the Air and Avatar would be the most symbolic Oscar race since Forrest Gump vs. Pulp Fiction back in 1994/1995…Okay, Up in the Air, while a respectable hit, didn’t forge quite the emotional connection with a lot of the audience that I’d wanted it to. But even if I did have the wrong movie, I think I had the right point: With The Hurt Locker now having all but vacuumed up the year’s critical acclaim, and with Avatar having just this week become the top-grossing domestic movie of all time, Avatar vs. The Hurt Locker is an awesomely symbolic race (and not just because James Cameron and Kathryn Bigelow were once married). It’s a clash of size, values, popularity — of essential notions of What Movie Art Is in the 21st century.' — Owen Gleiberman, Entertainment Weekly
This is an occasional post devoted to statements that are not just wrong but exact inversions of the truth, such that were you to reverse them you would end up with something reasonable. Here, the writer in question has spared us the effort and reversed himself.

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