Sep 9, 2009

Marxist slur of the month*

The Republicans spout such freeform nonsense these days, that's it a shame to single out anyone of them for praise. But this week's belly laugh came courtesy of Republican Party chairman Jim Greer who last week accused the president of seeking to use his speech to the nation's school children as an opportunity to brainwash them with “socialist ideology”. Having read the text and found that all Obama did was tell them to stay in school and wash their hands, Greer graciously conceded, "In its current form, it’s fine. But it remains to be seen if it’s the speech he’s going to give.” Best be safe than sorry. Obama might momentarily break cover and start reciting Das Capital in a scary Exorcist voice which, run backwards, tells the little chilluns to kill grandma.

*In a fruitless effort to limit use of the terms Marxist, Communist, Socialist, and Nazi by politicians who haven't the foggiest what they mean.

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