Sep 16, 2009

The Classics, if they were written today

Courtesy of Your Monkey Called

Then: The Wealth of Nations
Now: Invisible Hands: The Mysterious Market Forces That Control Our Lives and How to Profit from Them

Then: Walden
Now: Camping with Myself: Two Years in American Tuscany

Then: The Theory of the Leisure Class
Now: Buying Out Loud: The Unbelievable Truth About What We Consume and What It Says About Us

Then: The Gospel of Matthew
Now: 40 Days and a Mule: How One Man Quit His Job and Became the Boss

Then: The Prince
Now: The Prince (Foreword by Oprah Winfrey)

Courtesy of Kottke

Then: Romeo and Juliet
Now: The Teen Sex and Suicide Epidemic: What You Need to Know to Protect Yourself and Your Family

Then: Book of Genesis
Now: FLOOD! A True Story of Heartbreak, Heroism, and the Will to Survive

Then: The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Now: Shed Your Skin!: How I Gave up Junk Food and Released the Butterfly Within

Then: Frankenstein
Now: Mad Science: How Stem Cell Research is Endangering Your Village

Then: The Oxford English Dictionary
Now: Word Up! 300,000 Proven Ways to Express Yourself in Speech and Writing

Then: The New Testament
Now: Getting into Heaven for Dummies

Then: Dante's Inferno
Now: Chicken Soup for the Damned

Then: Gone With The Wind
Now: Extreme Home Makeover: Confederate Edition

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