Aug 14, 2008

The swiftboating begins

List of the things Jerome Corsi gets wrong in his book The Obama Nation:

The facts of his father's divorce, his mother's maiden name, his college drug use, the existence of his sister, his job straight out of college, the dates of his attendance of United Trinity church, his positions on the global poverty act, nuclear weapons and abortion. He fabricates: a false childhood friendship with a muslim, an allegation that Tony Rezko found Obama his house, a contribution to a "socialist" magazine, a false pledge to reduce the size of the military and de-escalate troops in Afghanistan.

Apart from that he's totally on the money. That "PhD" is especially touching: Corsi is the man behind Unfit for Command, the book that launched the swiftboat attacks on John Kerry. He believes that President Bush is trying to merge the United states with Canada and that airplanes were not to blame for the towers’ collapse on 9/11 and that Hillary Clinton is a lesbian. 

1 comment:

  1. What I suggest is the following:

    - Go to Mr Corsi's Wikipedia's page, and smear it up! Go there and erase everything that is not a proven fact on his bio (including his Ph.D.: there is no evidence that it has been defended, even if it has been granted... He is lying about his academic credentials, as he is lying about his patriotism. We have proof that he paid the M.D. that helped him escape the Vietnam War).

    - Go on every Blog that talk about his book, and re-establish the truth. Let show these Spin Doctors that they do not rule the Net, they never will.

    If we spread the world quickly enough, we can raise a Truth Warfare on Mr Corsi, and give him a taste of his own dirty medecine.

    All you have to do is: Raise Doubt of Mr Corsi Past. Raise Doubt on His Credentials. Question Every Single Piece of Evidence he is trying to display.