Aug 13, 2008

"Nobody likes a funeral"

The Senate Republican press secretary who spoke to Politico about lack of attendance at the GOP convention. McCain's convention theme is said to be: "Putting country first." Isn't he getting his attacks on Obama mixed up with his message to the American people? Or maybe he plans on telling Americans they haven't been putting country first. In which case, expect a rousing peroration against the perils of celebrity, the pursuit of academic excellence, trips to Berlin and gym workouts.

Seriously. How can the accusation that Obama puts country second be made to stick? Spend just a few seconds imagining what Obama's convention speech is going to be like (theme: renewing America's promise), then think about the choreography of the event, in which 76,000 Americans will gaze on Americans cheering America. Think about the effect of those images being piped into every living room around the country. Oh and remember Obama's powers of oratory. And then think again about that line of attack. Maybe. Just a thought.

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