Jan 30, 2010

Biggest catfish caught by British man in Greenland

I periodically check on the searches that bring people to my blog, and think I've found the best yet:
Tifton, GA, US Tifton, GA, US: Search for biggest catfish caught by british man in greenland via Google, 3 hours ago
What I love about this is that I instantly saw the three constituent elements that brought this reader in. 1) My story about the movie Catfish, which recently debuted at Sundance. 2) My identification of myself as British, in my bio. And 3) my comparison of Avatar's revenues to the GDP of Greenland. The person searching for "biggest catfish caught by British man in Greenland" must have been awfully disappointed to have been so reeled in. To them I apologise. But I'm also obscurely proud that the biggest catfish has been caught by a British man, and will henceforth link to more catfish-related news.

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