Jan 17, 2010

"They mostly hunt at night. . . Mostly"

"As a boy in Chippawa, Ontario, James Cameron once sent some mice over the edge of Niagara Falls in a small submersible made from old mayonnaise jars, an Erector Set and a paint bucket. Another time, he made a hot-air balloon out of a dry-cleaning bag and some candles, floating it down the street until someone reported it as a U.F.O. and called the Fire Department. Together with the young Steven Spielberg’s experiments in civic alarum-raising — locking himself in the bathroom until the Phoenix Fire Department was summoned — Cameron’s excursions suggest two interlocking propositions: (1) If you want to know who is going to grow up to be a box-office titan, check out the rec­ords of your local Fire Department. And (2) nobody should be surprised if Balloon Boy grows up to be the proud auteur behind “Terminator Resurrection: This Time With Feeling.” — from my review of The Futurist: The Films of James Cameron by Rebecca Keegan for The New York Times

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