Oct 28, 2009

Beautiful fiddly synth music

A new Imogen Heap album, thus confirming that girls can do beautiful, fiddly synth music that's too clever for its own good just as well as boys, if not better. My wife calls it here-I-am-with-all-my-German-friends music. I haven't had so much fun since I rediscovered the 12" of Visage's Fade to Grey. On the one hand I am pleased: company, after all these years! On the other hand, there's something a little bit disheartening about it. After all, I was kind of relying on the girls to put a stop to this kind of thing and make me listen to proper music with guitars and real people singing about real things like breaking up. Now they're just as wired as we are. How will I ever get out of the house?

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