Oct 4, 2009

The best of Michelle Pfeiffer: Dangerous Liaisons

1. Dangerous Liaisons
2. Tequila Sunrise
3. Scarface
4. The Fabulous Baker Boys
5. Love Field
6. Married to the Mob
7. Batman Returns
8. The Age of Innocence
Dangerous Liasisons because it is the performance that explains all the others. You want to know what created that ice-veined drug addict in Scarface? Or what made Suzi Diamond so wary of smooth-talking men? You want to know why Pfeiffer gazes out at the world through such a scrim of wounded suspicion? Then watch Dangerous Liaisons and see her heart crack in two. You actually get to see it: the moment the Madame de Tourville's heart breaks. They film it. It's a tour-de-force portrait of goodness extinguished — a snuff movie of the heart.

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