Oct 2, 2009

The best of Tom Hanks: Big

1. Big
2. Splash
3. Castaway
4. Charlie Wilson's War
5. Philadelphia
6. Turner and Hooch
7. Sleepless In Seattle
8. Toy story 2
This one was easy. Big, hands down. Then Splash, obviously. Synaptic masterclasses, both of them, with Hanks as loose and rolling and quick as great sportsmen can be. Ali, Jordan and Federer come to mind. Of his 'serious' roles, my favorite is Castaway — particularly the 40 minutes of largely silent cinema, a measure of true movie star greatness. Charlie' Wilson's War is the first time he's gone rogue and taken us with him. Turner and Hooch: speaks for itself. Toy story 2: the better Woody film.

1 comment:

  1. These lists are addictive Tom, my husband is wondering why I'm permanently hunched over my laptop......
    Not sure I agree with you about Tom Hanks though; he is a very slick operator I grant you - amiable, funny, sweet, pulls the heartstrings etc. but he is never compelling or hypnotic.
    I never lose the awareness of watching another "Hanks" performance, professional but unsatisfying. (Think Meryl Streep)