Oct 8, 2009

The best of Kevin Bacon: Diner

1. Diner
2. Tremors
3. A Few Good Men
4. JFK
5. Mystic River
6. Footloose
If you haven't seen Tremors, about a bunch of giant worm monsters that burrow under the Arizona sand and leap out at you when you're least expecting it, you should. It's a gem. You know how in movies normally when space creatures arrive and the actors react and you sort of buy it, but if you look too closely at their reaction, you come to the conclusion that actually no, that's probably not how a human being would react if Martians landed. They'd probably go into shock. Or just curl up in a ball in the corner. Well, Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward react to the giant worm monsters almost exactly as you imagine you might: with a burst of shock that tips over into crazy, hysterical humor. It's one of the most inspired piece of horror-movie acting I've ever seen. The movie takes its cue from them: not quite a horror movie, not exactly a comedy, but something delicious inbetween.

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