Oct 3, 2009

The best of Harrison Ford: Witness

1. Witness
2. The Fugitive
3. Raiders of the Lost Ark
4. Working Girl
5. The Empire Strikes Back
6. American Graffiti
7. Blade Runner
8. Clear And Present Danger
It may seem a bit pointless doing big stars like Ford, but one of the satisfactions of these best-of lists, for me, is to compensate for the Oscars being so rubbish. So I'm tilting towards the comics and the movie stars and away from the showy crap that tends to wins award. Harrison Ford never shows off. He's for a workmanlike sense of service toward the story, and is extremely good at conveying emotion on the hoof, his grief for his wife in The Fugitive being the best example of that — just enough to be convincing, not so much it slows the chase. But Witness wins it for me — the swift uppercut he delivers that tourist, the dancing to Sam Cooke, the kiss in the cornfield. That's three Lifetime Achievement Award clips right there.

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