Oct 4, 2009

The best of Cary Grant: His Girl Friday

1. His Girl Friday
2. North by Northwest
3. Holiday
4. Notorious
5. The Philadelphia Story
6. Charade
7. To Catch a Thief
8. My Favorite Wife
9. Bringing up Baby
10. The Awful Truth
I once got into an argument with the scultor Richard Serra over Cary Grant. He asked me who my favorite movie actor was and I told him. "Cary Grant!" he exploded "Cary Grant!" (imagine a punchy Brooklyn accent a la Normal Mailer). He demanded I explain myself. I gave it my best shot. The physical grace, the playfulness, the refusal to grandstand, the generosity with other actors, the pajamas he wears at the end of The Awful Truth.... It was no good. He wanted me to say "Laurence Olivier" or "Brando". You either get Grant or you don't. I think he's the best movie actor we've ever had.

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