Jul 18, 2010

LATE REVIEW: Let The Right One In

I'm over a year late on this so won't write a full review, but I saw Tomas Alfredson's Let The Right One In last night on Netflix and found it ineffably strange and stirring — everything the Twilight movies want to be and aren't. A vampire movie set in Stockholm — but of course! — it comes dusted with Bergmanesque melancholy, yet never forgets to transfix: the sight of little Eva clinging to her adult victims while sucking the life out of them, will, I suspect, stay with me long after most of the movies from 2009 have faded from view. A-


  1. I too only saw this a few weeks ago and I completely agree. Weird but great.
    The stillness, the snow, the boy's loneliness - loved it.

  2. Let me know if you want a copy! Marcia is the editor of the paperback. The book is amazing.

    --Kat at TLD/SMP