Jul 27, 2010

BEST FILM of 1985: Back To The Future

1. Back To The Future A-
2. The Purple Rose Of Cairo B+
3. Pee-Wee Herman's Big adventure B+
4. Witness B+
5. After Hours B
6. Prizzi's Honor B
7. Brazil B
8. My Life As A Dog B
9. A Room With A View B
10. Desperately Seeking Susan B


  1. This list makes '85 seem a mediocre year.
    I can guess why you've omitted Out of Africa (Meryl???) but I'm curious as to why Brazil isn't here.It's definitely a flawed film, but was spectacularly original at the time. Maybe not a high placing, but a placing it deserves!

  2. Actually it's more Pollack than Streep. There's not a film of his I haven't watched that hasn't put me into a deep trance-like state. Brazil should probably be on there but boy do I hate that ending.....