Nov 22, 2009

Why oh why oh why oh why oh Sandy

"This movie reminded me of all the things I like about Bullock as an actress; she's smart, gorgeous and just bitchy enough to be taken seriously without offending, even as she smacks a man on the ass as she walks by." — MCN

"The blind Side is a traditional star vehicle, allowing Ms Bullock to find new registers for the indomitable, sometimes grating energy that has long been the bedrock of her appeal"
This is Sandra Bullock we're talking about? The girl who hasn't passed her driving test? Who indicates a left turn even on a bomb-laden bus? The girl with three cats who can't land a man unless he is in a coma? Miss Congeniality? Many things come to mind when I think of Bullock's onscreen persona — lonelyheart, goofball, joker, self-depracator, klutz — but "indomitable" and "bitchy" are not two of them.

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