Nov 7, 2009

Which movie do you most want to live in?

"I (who am normally a proud brunette) have only ever dreamed of going blond once and it was because of The Virgin Suicides, a movie I desperately dreamed of living in 10 years ago when I first saw it. Minus the whole, tormented and lonely misery part. The Lisbon sisters awoke a little part of me that dreamed of being mysterious, feminine and shy with a whole gaggle of cute boys following my every move... Directed by the champion of artsy girls, Sophia Coppola’s 1999 The Virgin Suicides is rife with dreamy, soft focus shots of doodles in notebooks, floral nighties, Heart albums, bike baskets, high waisted jeans and Trip Fontaine. Oh Trip Fontaine. I’ll forgive your bad 70s hair because you are a timeless dreamboat/jerk combination that girls throughout the ages will always fall for."—Design Sponge
The movie I most wanted to move into recently was The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. One part of it in particular: the hotel in Murmansk where Tilda Swinton seduces Benjamin. Vodka, caviar, snow, an empty hotel at night, bliss.

— The Gaurdian picks Otto Preminger's Laura


  1. Good question!!
    North by Northwest.
    I want to live in Technicolor and wear all those fantastic '50's clothes;be on the train with Cary Grant and live in the modernist house at the end. I even want to be sneered at by James Mason.....

  2. At the moment I'd love to live in Merchant Ivory's Howards End. Lush British plains in the summer...and Helena Bonham Carter and Emma Thompson and a house full of books - it sounds heavenly.