Oct 3, 2010


One of my favorite pieces of acting this year came from Blake Lively, one of the airily entitled princesses of Gossip Girls, going down-market for Ben Affleck's The Town, as his coke-dealing pill-addicted girlfriend, Krista Coughlin. The part is a distant cousin of Amy Ryan's cokehead mom in Gone, Baby Gone, only with more nails, more lipstick, more cleavage; in the Madonna-whore cosmology of Affleckland, she is the fallen angel to Rebecca Hall's luminous good-girl-nurturer, all sinuous, inviting movement until crossed, at which point she transforms into a winged fury. It is one of the ironies of Affleck's life and career that while Jennifer Garner seems a lovely girl, and one wishes them every happiness, it is the Jay-Los who continue to juice up his dramas.

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