Oct 30, 2010

Above is the trailer for the forthcoming thriller, London Boulevard, which was directed by Bill Monahan, who won an academy award for The Departed, and produced by Quentin Curtis, who shepharded Casino Royale to the screen for MGM. I know Quentin, who used to review movies for the Independent on Sunday back when I was a critic for the Sunday Times. I was always envious of his reviews — and the deeply-felt and undogmatic conclusions at which they arrived. Even then, he had an x-ray eye for great screenwriting coupled with an unfakeable delight in the work of the great showman-directors like Welles and Coppola. So as surprising as it was to see an English film critic make it in Hollywood, looking back, it makes perfect sense. I cannot wait to see his film. It looks like a kick in the pants.


  1. The plot has a hint of Performance about it.

    Eddie Marsan better watch out or he will become, against his better wishes, "the next big thing". Mine, too. Love his character work.

    Love your blog, too, Tom.

  2. Thanks so much, Tony
    Funny you should mention Performance because Quentin is a big Nic Roeg fan — he'd be delighted to hear it.