Apr 17, 2010

Quote of the day: Nick Davis on Julie Christie

"I tend to find her too diaphanous a performer to really flourish in roles as small as the ones she got in Hamlet or Finding Neverland. She works best through steady accumulation, not quick exposure, particularly since even in her largest roles, she often seems on the verge of drifting away. But watercolors can work powerfully even on small canvases. Christie does a lovely job within the large ensemble of Warren Beatty and Robert Towne's Shampoo of telegraphing a floating melancholy... she also takes some specific hits and lands some good jokes, whether begging for a haircut or betraying a friend or making a cynical but self-preserving choice against any notion of romance." — Nick Davis

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  1. Loved her in Mc Cabe and Mrs. Miller .