Apr 22, 2010

Why are all my favorite bands Swedish?

My wife and I disagree over the significance of co-incidences. To her, they are evidence of a larger cosmic pattern in the universe — God's daisy chain or some such. To me they're just random events which happen to link cosmically only from one point of view, i.e. the point of view of the person observing the coincidence. From no other vantage point does it look cosmic. What is an amazing mind-bending coincidence to Fred, is just a boring old fact to Bert. "I can't believe you know so and so!" "Why wouldn't I?" "I don't know, but I guess because I knew both of you but I never put the two of you together..." "Not everything revolves around you." "I know that" "When you leave the room we all carry on talking, you do know that don't you?" "No need to get sarcky..." and so on. However, the number of times I've hooked into a new band, raved about them to all and sundry — Kate normally — and then found out they are Swedish is getting to much to ignore. Its the first question Kate asks me now when I say "have you heard this?" she goes "Are they Swedish/" It happened last night in fact. I got five seconds into playing her Loney, Dear's beautiful track Summertime and she said "are they Swedish?" and I went "Yes, isn't that weird?" I don't know how to explain it. Am reluctant to give into the whole God's-daisy-chain thing and more inclined towards theories involving glacier water and the increased freedom of movement within the EU. Or some such.

More here at one of my favorite music blogs, Swedes Please.

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