Jan 3, 2011

Music on my ipod at the moment

1. How Do We Know?
Katie Costello
2. Zorbing
3. Kickstarts
4. If I Rise
5. Treat Me Like You Do
6. All Roads
7. The Bump
8. Animal
9. Rope and Summit
10. Hold My Hand


  1. Matt Damon will be seen in the role of David Norris who is a charismatic player of political organization known as United States Congressman. His life completely turns up when he meets beautiful ballet dancer, Elise Sellas. They both fall in the trap of romance and emotions and eventually they find themselves in ever present troubles. In addition to this, the affair between the two interrupts by some myserious forces which try hard in keeping the lovers apart. To DownloadThe Adjustment Bureau Movie, login here.

  2. The film shows how Danny, who was conceived as a warrior among the Italians, brought down the gangsters of Cleveland, Ohio. There were several attempts to kill him and he had escaped all of them, however in October 1977, a car bomb in a Lyndhurst parking lot killed him. You can also choose to watch Kill the Irishman online from here to make it a part of your movie’ collection. Danny Greene’s death led to the disintegration of the Mafia not only in Cleveland,