Jan 14, 2011

Attack of the Green Meanies

"Political Theme, T-Shirts at Memorial?" — Drudge Report
Yes, that's right. "Togetherness' has been deemed "political" by Matt Drudge. What next? the socialist scourge of "niceness"? The Marxist conspiracy that lurks in "so-called" "common courtesy"? If Obama said "hello, nice to meet you," Drudge would presumably snarl "and what do you mean by that exactly?" and leap like a scalded a cat to the corner of the room to better submit the poor snivelling specks that constitute the rest of humanity to the shriveling rigor of his gaze. The resemblance of the Republican platform to "New And Exciting Ways To Be Especially Mean" increases daily. Togetherness? Humbug! Tenderness? Hogwash! Friendliness? Go Screw Yourself! As my mother used to tell me, you'll never get anything with a face like that.

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