Dec 17, 2009

So glad I don't have to see: NINE

I'm so glad I don't have to see Nine. So grateful nobody can make me. That it can't sneak up on me somehow. That I don't even know anyone who wants to see it who could badger me into it. That Nine and I are on completely separate tracks going in wholly different directions. I wish it well! Go entertain someone else! Someone who appreciates actors who speak-a-like-a-this and hellacious songs-n-dance numbers that nobody can remember and women trussed up like prize turkeys in black garters! Someone who like-a-de Italians, but can't be arsed to watch a foreign movie and doesn't mind the fact that Nicole Kidman's lips are sliding off her face like Mr Potato Head's! Such people do exist! I am not one of them! Be gone! Ciao!

1 comment:

  1. Love this.
    I TOTALLY agree!!
    Saw film 2009's review this week and cringed.It made me wince.
    Also, why is the Italian accent so maligned?In the history of cinema, there are more awful fake Italian accents than any other language.