Aug 18, 2009

My blog: a snap shot

Excuse me if this is a little self-involved, but I've just been looking at the stats for the traffic to this blog. Most of it is visits from people who know the blog exists and have chosen to come here, but some of it is driven by Google searches. The majority of them are for me, or for me plus the title of my novel, which is nice to know. But there were also searches for "hitler's driver," "old french movie, bad guys turn preachers","barack and lavatory room junior high school", "carey mulligan", "marxism for beginners", "saddam hussein torture pictures", "movies with unicorns", "chauncey gardener", "I didn't get duplicity" and "tom hanks big buildings are boring dinosaur" — a slightly garbled reference to Hank's great speech in Big where he mocks that prototype for a toy robot that turns into a building. In most cases I know the posts that attracted these searches, and I have to say I'm rather pleased with this cross-section of my interests and obsessions.

While I'm here, Id like to give a shout-out to the reader in Bali who wanted information about Obama's lavatory in high school, the reader in Bayern who was interested in Saddam's torture methods, the Carey Mulligan fan in Val-de-marne, plus my readers in Mumbai, Bali, Trollhatten, Jakarta, Melbourne, Belfast, Singapore, Cincinnati, Brussels, Ancara, Pulau Pinang, Rome, Bangalore, Bucharest and Milton Keynes.

Yo, world!

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