Aug 7, 2009

The unbearable hotness of zombie killing

Jovovich took the part, then read what they’d done to the script. “It was horrifying,” she says. “They’d brought in the Michelle Rodriguez character and given her all the kick-as action scenes. I was already on plane to Germany when I read it.”

She got off the plane, and marched straight to her director Paul Anderson's hotel room. ‘I’m leaving tomorrow,’ she announced. ‘This script isn’t the script I read. If you think I’m going to be in this you’re crazy. I’m on a plan in an hour.” They spent four hours going over the script together, line by line, giving her back the scene where she runs up a wall, scissorkicks the mutant dog, and breaks the neck of the zombie by crushing his head between her thighs.

“And that was how we met,” she says, smiling.

“How did it work with the sequels? Did he roll over in bed one morning and say ‘darling, I’m very sorry but in the second film you are going to catch the zombie virus.....”

“We had to work on the science of that one. I had the virus but I also had to look hot. So we had to come up with this explanation: the virus was mutating. I had bonded with it.”

“You can’t ignore the internal logic.”

My interview with Milla Jovovich here. One cut the editors made was the following anecdote, about the time Jovovich complimented my wife at a L’Oreal fundraiser, yelling “Great dress!” across a crowded room. When I told her this, Jovovich was delighted. “No way! That is so great... I always feel like I dress for women because men would never notice anyway. So if I see a girl who looks really nice I’ve got to give her props, like ‘I got you girl.... You’re good’.”

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