Aug 13, 2009

Calling occupants of interplanetary craft

"As ideas go, this is a beauty. It took a certain type of surly ingenuity to imagine that if aliens were to finally make contact with the human race, they might do so not in a blaze of music and lights, or rockets and laserfire, but instead taking up residence in the same sump of mistrust and resentment with which immigrants have been treated since time immemorial. The film is an anti-apartheid movie for little green men." — from my review of District 9 for The Daily Beast
I forgot to mention just how ill the movie made me feel. But Jeff Wells was on hand to help out:
"There's so much garbage, dirt, dust and detritus that started to feel physically dirty after a while. I started to smell it almost. I began to feel like taking a shower or at least some sanitary wipes. If someone had come up to me and said "if you give me $20 bucks I can fix it so that the movie will stop with the dust and the desaturated color and all the scuzzy gooey stuff and cut to a full-color scene in a fashion mall with a couple of pretty women talking about nothing over margaritas," I would have given him the money. Dust! Fucking smelly dust and skanky garbage and black goo leaking out of wounds!"

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