Mar 2, 2010

Release Schedule: Films 2010

April 21st — Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (Stone, Douglas)
April 30th — I Love You, Phillip Morris (Carrey, McGregor)
May 7th — Iron Man 2 (Downey, Favreau, Rourke)
May 14th — Robin Hood (Scott, Crowe)
June 18th — I Am Love (Swinton)
July 2nd — Knight And Day (Mangold, Cruise, Diaz)
July 8th — Cyrus (Tomei, Reilly)
July 16th — Inception (Di Caprio, Nolan)
July 23rd — Salt (Jolie, Noyce)
September 1st — The American (Corbjin, Clooney)
October 1st — The Social Network (Fincher, Sorkin)
November 24th — Love And Other Drugs (Hathaway, Zwick)
December 17th — Tron Legacy (Bridges)
December 25th — True Grit (Coens, Bridges, Brolin)
December — Hereafter (Eastwood, Damon)

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