May 18, 2012

What is Bill Murray doing right now?

Regular readers of this blog will know we like to keep to tabs on Bill Murray's extracurricular activities when we can. They tend to include either 1) a Scandinavian companion. 2) Tequila. 3) Golf carts. Or some combination of all three. The man is as close to an argument for compulsory 24-hr webcams as can be found. So we were delighted to receive the following update from New York magazine's commendable Vulture blog:—
"Swinton joyously jumped in, as did longtime Wes Anderson friend Waris Ahluwalia. Soon the circle was at least twenty people deep. And we were off! We circled one way, then back the other way, doing alternate forward high kicks at a ferocious speed. "Kick higher! You have to kick higher!" Murray instructed. We kicked higher. And higher. And circled more and more, and all ran toward the middle and then all ran away. By the time the song ended, there wasn't one among us who wasn't exhausted and beaming. Seamus and Gabriel gave me high fives and told me that that had been better than chocolate, if such a thing is even possible. Murray seemed pleased. He’d just helped a roomful of jaded Cannes partygoers remember what it feels like to be a kid."  

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  1. Twenty years ago I was in St. Patrick's Cathedral for All Soul's Day noon mass. There weren't many people attending, so I noticed a guy in a long black coat, with 2 shorter guys when they sat down a few rows in front of me. It was Bill Murrary, looking a little worse for the wear. That was a surprise.