Nov 5, 2011

QUOTE OF THE DAY: Bill Simmons

'Why don't we remember Eddie's peak from 1981 to 1988 a little more reverentially? Why don't we think about race when we think about Eddie? Why doesn't Eddie get mentioned with Poitier, Cosby and Pryor every time? Why doesn't it matter that every successful black comic or actor that came after him — Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, any of the Wayans brothers, Will Smith, you name it — profusely credited Eddie for influencing him? Why doesn't Eddie get more credit for flipping Saturday Night Live on its lily-white ass, reinvigorating itand becoming its only truly successful black cast member? Why doesn't Eddie get more credit for, as he puts it, becoming "the first black actor to take charge in a white world onscreen?" Why doesn't everyone ever point out that Eddie is the most successful comedian ever, by any calculation?' — Bill Simmons, Grantland


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