Dec 16, 2010

The View from Abroad: why Boehner cries

"Listen, I hold these values dear because I've lived them," Boehner told the GOP crowd at a downtown Washington hotel, beginning to sniffle. "I spent my whole life chasing . . . the American dream."
What gets newly elect Speaker of the House John Boehner crying, people have noted, is any mention of the American Dream, but it's more specific than that: it's the crappy time he's had chasing the American Dream. To any Englishman raised in the public school system, his tears are immediately understandable. They are the tears of a man who waxes sentimental over the thing that has once oppressed him; in the same way that Englishmen of Certain Generation will defend to the death the very system which whipped, buggered and beat the into the petrified curs they are today, so too Boehner tears up at the thought of all the floors he's swept, johns he's cleaned and asses he's had to wipe. What a recommendation for the American Dream: it'll break you. It's rather like the way new parents wish parenthood on their friends, not because the experience is so wonderful but because they haven't had any sleep in 72 hours and fail to see why anyone else should.

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  1. Well, here in the candyland of aging and neuropsychology, the fact that a politician in the public eye, (a male one of Boehner's age with his history of smoking and drinking) repeatedly cries about virtually nothing in front of the cameras, suggests early-onset central nervous system compromise. In other words, risk factors suggest this fellow has problems regulating emotional expression, which goes hand-in-hand with brain compromise of some sort, usually related to substance abuse (but not always). The only reasonable alternative explanation would be that his emotional reactions are deliberate. The individuals who would know which one of these hypotheses are true are those who've had similar conversations with him in the near past, and whether or not his behavior is consistent across situations out of the public eye. If consistent – brain compromise. If not, calculated behavior. Either way, he shouldn't be where he is – in a large position of political power within the USA. Period.