Dec 9, 2010

BEST FILM SCORE of 2010: Inception

1. Inception — Hans Zimmer
2. The Social Network — Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross
3. I Am Love — John Adams
4. True Grit — Carter Burwell
5. Black Swan — Clint Mansell
6. The King's Speech — Alexandre Desplat
7. Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps — Byrne & Brian Eno
8. The Town — Harry Gregson-Williams & David Buckley
9. 127 Hours — A. R. Rahman
10. Alice in Wonderland — Danny Elfmann

* An asterisk to denote the fact that I haven't yet seen Another Year.


  1. No Let Me In????? No Tempest? No True Grit?

  2. I must admit I thought the score a little intrusive in Let Me In, even though I am a fan of Giacchino and like the music he wrote in isolation from the film. The other two I haven't seen yet.

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