Nov 6, 2010

QUOTE OF THE DAY: Debra Winger

“I had a sort of bravado buzzer that went off. That was the way I rolled when I was younger: ‘Oh, yeah? Well, it’s good that you don’t want me, because I don’t want you, either!’ I always used to say I didn’t need any more Christmas cards. But probably by then I was down to very few Christmas cards. I’ve had so many hurtful things said about me. But I also said what I now understand to be hurtful things. In those interviews, I was solidified as an obnoxious bitch. I wanted people to honor my process. But eventually I realized, Why did I always have to tell them that?! Always, always, always, I wanted everybody to be in on it with me, and to be as excited as I was. It was so childish. When I think of the relationships that went sour, it was because of that intensity. I had never learned to just hang with it and come in and do the work and respect somebody else’s method even though it was different. Back then, I thought everybody had to work the same way.” — Deborah Winger, NYT

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