Nov 3, 2010

Mid-term lessons: the people have spoken!

But what did they say? Our old friend, "the will of the American people" is doing the rounds of the cable shows this morning. It is absolutely essential that Obama listen to them. In the interests of helping him understand what they are saying, here is a list of Mid-Term Lessons, as culled from a morning watching TV:—
— America wants compromise
— America wants no moderates in power
— American wants the economy fixed
— America wants a gridlocked congress
— Americans reject big government
— Americans don't want their government handouts touched
— America is sick of Washington
— America favors Washington's oldest hands
— Americans fear the deficit
— They favor the party with a $700 billion plan to increase it
— The stimulus was too big
— The stimulus was too small
— They don't want any new spending
— They want spending to increase jobs
— They dislike Obama
— They dislike his policies
— The election has nothing to do with him
— It was about damning Healthcare
— It was about damning Democrats who voted against healthcare
— America favors Republican economic policies
— America rejects the economic policies of both parties
— Americans want change
— Americans want a change from the last time they said they wanted change
In case you find this confusing, Obsidian Wings have posted the following flow-chart to unravel the complicated reasoning by which voters determined their vote:—


  1. Casual observation: If nothing else, the media never fail to find the least flattering photograph of a president the day after a political setback.

    Follow-up question: Why do presidents make that face following a setback? I've never seen that expression from anyone I know in even their worst moments, yet Clinton, Dubya, and now Obama have used it while in office.

  2. I'm guessing that you could find Obama pulling that expression in every press conference he has ever given. But they only zero in on it when they need him looking glum.

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