Nov 2, 2010

The 2010 mid-terms: Ten Reasons to be Cheerful

1. This is as good as it gets for Republicans. It's downhill from here, boyos.
2. A little less of this "tyranny" crap.

3. The new nut-jobs will help ensure Obama's re-election.

4. He's crammed a lot of hardcore Marxism into just two years.

5. Sarah Palin will find encouragement for her presidential ambitions.

6. Better material for Jon Stewart.

7. The GOP get to resume their rightful status as the recipients of anti-incumbent rage.

8. The Tea Party is over, except as a provider of talking heads lamenting the transformation of this once-vibrant movement into lackey of Washington.

9. Watching John Boehner's tan fade. (Or will it?)

10. Health insurance companies can screw me with a little less vigor than they would like; ditto credit cards companies and mortgage brokers; I can still buy an American car if I want to; we're almost out of Iraq; acts of sodomising the enemy in all the major theatres of war are way down; and I am not elbow-to-elbow in a freight train with my fellow hobos, fighting over lukewarm coyote gruel, as the dust bowl rattles past us with the clackety-clack of endlessly broken dreams.

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