Oct 30, 2008

Slipping the queue

One of the more perplexing aspects of the whole Obama = Karl Marx/Bin Laden/Anti-Christ line of thinking is the poor regard it seems to exhibit for America and her democratic institutions. Put it this way: How many terrorists and/or communists have actually made it to the presidency in the past? Or even made it as far as the primaries? It's difficult enough getting through customs, let alone launching and maintaining a two-year campaign for the presidency. Something tells me most terrorists would have been found out by now. That's not the message being picked up by the lunatic fringe, though. America is ripe for the picking, according to them. Ascending to the highest office in the land is as easy as slipping the queue for the cinema. No wonder they are worried. How many times has America voted for a president only to find — doh! — that he actually turned out to be one of the country's sworn enemies? Has this ever happened, in any country, ever?

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