Jun 19, 2008

The July issue of Vogue Italia will feature black models shot by the photographer Steven Meisel. Which makes me feel shamefaced about an argument I once had with my fiancee about Tyra Banks' affirmative-action leanings on America's Next Top Model.

Me: Who does she think she is? Oprah?

Kate: It's a step in the right direction.

Me: Yes but what is the point of progressive social change when it comes in the form of a modelling show?

Kate: You're knocking modelling shows?

Me: No just Tyra...... Come on, you saw her flip out on that girl two seasons back.

Kate: Yes but if she gets more black models airtime that's a good thing isn't it?

Me: Ah but they're the ones who have to really look out. They're the ones she identifies with. That's when you're really in trouble.

Kate: I think you're being a little harsh.

Me (grumpy, retreating): I just think she's getting their hopes up to dash them.

Kate: We can watch something else if you like.


Me: No, its okay.... we're watching it now.....

Kate: Are you sure because you seem quite upset?

It's okay..... there's nothing else on.... oh look, there's Danielle.....

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