Jun 25, 2008

Bond versus Indy

Total Politics, the newest political magazine in the UK, gets straight down to the important issues of the day, asking the following question of Gordon Brown and David Cameron: Who do you prefer, Indiana Jones or James Bond? Gordon Brown replied, "Indiana Jones, Indiana Jones," but then added, "but I still like James Bond." David Cameron was unequivocal, "I'm a big Bond fan."

Thus it is clear: David Cameron is the more surefooted politician and will be the next British prime minister.
  1. Brown flip-flopped, thus underlining the weakness voters sense in his premiereship.
  2. Cameron went for the more patriotic choice. Brits have had enough of their leaders sucking up to Americans.
  3. Even though Cameron would have been wrong to say this in any year between 1981 and 2007, he has picked the one year in which the Bond film is better than the Indy. In politics, timing is everything.

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