Jun 24, 2008

How to live with just 100 things

A guy named Dave has decided that by Nov 12 2008, he wants to get his possessions down to under 100 things, and then live that way for a year. He counts a pair of shoes as one item, counts some items as groups ("The idea of trying to manage laundry with a few pairs of skivvies and socks is both unrealistic and gross") discounts books altogether ("I am considering getting my books down to 100. But it's not a focus of the 100 Thing Challenge"); also memorabilia such as the Bible his grandfather took with him to WWII, and which his father took with him to Vietnam. But what do do about his small collection of Marklin Z gage trains? "I should probably just see a therapist and then make good money on eBay. But for now I'm going to keep them but not open the box for a year," he writes. So far he has it all down to 111. George Carlin would approve. R.I.P.

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