Aug 25, 2012

My Oscar favorites, six months out

These are my two Oscar favorites for best film, with Pi just edging it. I also fancy Lee for Best director. Best Actor will, I think, be between John Hawkes, Denzel Washington and Daniel-Day Lewis. Best Supporting actor will probably be Leonardo diCaprio. Best supporting actress is Anne Hathaway's. Best Adapted screenplay: Lincoln or Pi. Best original screenplay could be a surprise win for Wes Anderson. Best actress is a puzzle. Quvenzhane Wallis?  


  1. best actress IS a puzzle. I wonder if Meryl Streep can get any play for Hope Springs (I thought she was phenomenal but you, Tom, didn't fancy the film).

  2. My oscar favorite movie is slumdog millionaire. A.r.Rahman music is amazing. he won 2 awards for that film.

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