Mar 9, 2010

Congratulations, Michael Giacchino

The divisive politics of the whole Avatar/Hurt Locker smackdown, together with the deep fissures threatening to tear apart the fabric of movie business as surely as the Florida recount once threatened the sanity of this great nation, are weighing a little heavily at the moment. (Am I the only person on earth to enjoy both Avatar and the Hurt Locker? It feels a little lonely today.) I felt the need for a little release, a little uplift, a reminder of why we are all here, something to transcend our petty differences and bind us together in common cause, black, white, young, old. I speak not of our benighted president, but Michael Giacchino whose Oscar win last night for his Up score it would make an utter scoundrel to disparage.


  1. I also think both films were superb.
    I suppose I am part of the indie-favouring audience you refer to in another post,having largely opted out of blockbusters such as Matrix etc. in recent years, but I really do think Avatar is special, and has reinvigorated/reinvented a rather tired genre. My excitement on seeing it reminded of my first Star Wars viewing as a girl!
    Katherine Bigelow definitely deserved her Oscar, but I felt sorry that Avatar was not awarded Best Film, and was simply given the nod with special effects etc.

  2. ....... and whoo hoo! for Up!!

  3. Oh I'm with you on The Matrix. The first one was marginally less unwatchable than the second and third but hot damn what crud