Dec 18, 2009

Quote of the Day: David Thomson

"So I looked at Mr. Langella and Mr. Damon and the penny dropped: The Method is over.... Sean Penn is a steadfast Methodist still, but Johnny Depp, it seems, has an itch to pretend if only people would write comedy for him... once you feel the seductive intrigue in pretending, then you begin to see it more and more—look at George Clooney (at his best, playing poker with the audience), the teasing stance of Robert Downey Jr., John Malkovich (daring us to find a way of liking him), Kevin Spacey (the limping Verbal Kint itching to turn into the strolling Keyser Söze). And others? Just think about it, and then see that this school stretches back to people like Cary Grant, Jimmy Stewart and Bob Hope, actors who never had any intention of letting us catch them personally." David Thomson, Wall Street Journal

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