Dec 22, 2009

Appearing in the photographs of strangers

'Jessie Catherine Fuller and Peyton Brodnax DeWitt Rodgers were married Saturday at the Players in Manhattan... The bridegroom, 28, is known as Buck. He is a production assistant on the film “The Other Guys,” with Will Ferrell (who made a cameo appearance in the couple’s photo) and Mark Wahlberg, which is shooting in New York.' — New York Times
Will Ferrell's cameo in a wedding announcement in the New York Times made me laugh. It also sparked a pet thought of mine, which is: how many photo albums am I in accidentally? I was photographed in the background of a Japanese family's tourist shot of 5th avenue just the other day. I must have walked into view of dozens, maybe hundreds, of photographs in the course of my life, which if reconstructed, Zelig-fashion, would amount to a flickering, faltering record of my life. That skinny chap on the beach. That passing blur in the street. That guy pointing at the pigeon poop on the Eiffel Tower. Right now, as I write this, a couple is cooing over they honeymoon pictures, pausing only to puzzle over the man in the corduroy jacket, beetling past. "Who's that?" That's me!

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