Jun 15, 2010

Movies I am looking forward to in 2010 part 2

The Kids Are Alright (July 7th). Ruffalo, Bening, Moore. Ruffalo reprising his n'er do well from You Can Count On Me.
Inception (July 16th). Di Caprio, Nolan. The only big movie of 2010 that could conceivably fail and therefore due respect.
Salt (July 23rd). Jolie, Phillip Noyce. Noyce was responsible for the bazooka ambush in Clear and Present Danger.
Get Low (July 30). Murray, Duvall, Spacek. The Bill Murray Oscar, like the England World Cup win, continues to pull us in.
The American (Sept 1). Clooney, Corbjin. Maybe a little to moody and magnificent from the trailer.
The Town (Sept 17), Ben Affleck lightens up with Rebecca Hall
The Social Network (Oct 1). Fincher, Sorkin. The Misanthrope meets Plays-Well-With-Others. I'm all ears.
Hereafter (Oct 22). Clint's potentially daft metaphysical thriller w/ Matt Damon. Curious.
Love and Other Drugs (Nov 24). Hathaway, Gyllenhaal, and Zwick carry my Oscar hopes.
How Do You Know? (Dec 17th). James L Brooks, Nicholson, Witherspoon.
Somewhere (Dec 22). Coppola, Dorff, Faning. Retread of Lost in Translation still looks lovely.
True Grit (Dec 25th). Charles Portis's original novel given new life by the Coens w/ Bridges, Brolin, Damon. Hard to miss.
Blue Valentine (Dec 25), Gosling, Williams, though it looks a little heavy with great acting


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