Jan 21, 2014

Quote of the Day: The Oscar Bloggerati

“TIE AT THE PGA AWARDS!” —went the alarm-bell tweet from Kris Tapley, a chronicler of the Oscar race at Hitfix’s In Contention blog. Since the news Sunday that “12 Years a Slave” and “Gravity” took home the Producers Guild top prize, awards prognosticators have been busy dissecting what it means for the season. “For the first time in years, we have a legitimate best picture race,” Mark Harris, the pundit at Grantland, wrote on Twitter, noting that with the win for “American Hustle” at the Screen Actors Guild, it appears to be a three-way race. “This is the most competitive Oscar season I’ve ever covered,” Mr. Tapley wrote.  “I’m not sure there is anything that could definitively tip the scales at this point.” — Carpetbagger
Lest anyone forget, last year's was supposed to be " the most competitive in years," too, and not only is this one going like clockwork (Best Actress decided since June, Best Picture decided since September, Best Director decided since October), it's copying last year's playbook, with a Best Picture / Best Director split that most have seen coming for months. Last night's DGA split only neutralized what threat American Hustle posed to 12 Year's A Slave's ever-more inevitable win. But apart from that, yes,  yikes, it's a real nail-biter. 


  1. "Let me get this straight; the SAG awarded the movie with all the stars, and the PGA awards went to the big producer movies? Who wants to bet the DGA will go to the biggest technical achievement of the year? BY GOD FOLKS THE RACE IS ON!"

  2. The split was at PGA, not DGA.