Jun 3, 2012

REVIEW: Moonrise Kingdom (Anderson)

Things we liked about Moonrise Kingdom:—
— Kara Hayward, her eyeshadow, the realism of her tears, the sense of her as Margot Tenenbaum's younger sister
— the last twenty minutes, the action finale, the use of budget
— The exteriors, the overcast weather, the diffuse palette, the rain
— The name Redford, for a bad guy
— The Benjamin Britten music
— the kissing, and the electrical spark
— the Francoise Hardy track
— Bill Murray's pajamas
— the happy ending
Things we didn't like so much:—
— we were a little divided on the boy, I thought he was too young for her, Kate didn't mind
— the familiarity of the first 10 minutes (the whip-pans, the doll's house stuff, etc, when the rest of the film felt lifted by a fresher breeze)
— the affair glimpsed in summary, rather than dramatized
— the consequent dearth of Bill Murray scenes
— Better than all the recent ones
— not as good as Rushmore or Tenenbaums


  1. Hi Tom, I love your writing, I wish there was more of it about this lovely film!

  2. Anderson's woodsy thought process... elicits a thorough batch of the rainy summer daydreams where most grand childhood adventures and romances are so often had: in heads and hearts, if not in flesh.