Jun 3, 2010

The best news I've heard all stinking year

“I’ve been led to believe by someone I won’t name that they will ask me and I will consider it. I always assumed they'd go with a young actor. What I remember is there were 18 locations, including New Zealand, and for me, it isn't so much the acting as it is the travel and the waiting. I started in movies in 1963 and the first big one was Rosemary's Baby in 1967. While you don't notice it right away, it finally dawns on you that 80% of the time, you're doing nothing. Where I am right now, trying to get people out of prison and get laws changed, it is a funny twist that Bob De Niro’s once again trying to put an innocent man in prison, while I am trying to get them out." — Charles Grodin on the news that he may return to the screen in Midnight Run 2

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